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     John began writing songs in his teens, creating funny parodies of popular songs of the sixties.  His keen and sometimes offbeat sense of humor, often influences his songwriting.  He primarily wrote funny songs and parodies as a hobby until he married his wife Ruth in 2009.  Early in their marriage, John observed Ruth record several albums (writing songs, recording musicians and vocalists, producing albums, etc.), and he was inspired to begin writing songs in earnest.  John has not had any formal musical training but always enjoyed singing in both school and church choirs.  As a teenager he taught himself to play drums, much to the chagrin of his parents.  A bourgeoning songwriter now in his seventies, he has had to teach himself how to plunk out melodies on the family piano or keyboard.  Currently, John writes songs in whatever genre and style inspire him.  He has written serious and melancholy songs, as well as whimsical, clever, happy and bawdy songs.  His musical output ranges from Comedy Rap songs and Country songs, to Political Satire, to Irish Pub songs and more. 

      John's first self-produced EP album  entitled, "The Banks Of Skibbereen,"  is a collection of seven original Irish Pub songs that were inspired by his tour of Ireland.  John fell in love with the country, the Irish people, and their beautiful accents.  Upon his return home, he began penning lyrics to a number of Irish style songs and then worked on developing Irish style melodies for each song. John wrote songs he wished he had heard in the Irish Pubs.  The album includes performances by wonderful vocalists and musicians from around the world, who recorded their tracks at home during the pandemic. You can listen to all the tracks on all the music streaming services.

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EMAIL:  PHONE:  760-747-7237

1835A #1009,   S. Center City Parkway,

Escondido, CA 92025



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